• There are many books written on either challenging the Secular or challenging the Sacred. Lately many have appeared that especially criticize religion or belief in God. These have stimulated publication of a series of books that defend religion and advocate for belief in God or in related items like Heaven. This section if for our critique of these books and the reactions of our readers. Please consider our current list only as a first installment. In each case we are evaluating each book especially on what it says about our theme the possibility of “bridging the gap between the secular and the sacred.” Please note also that books within each category are listed in no particular priority order. [72F/W’13]
  • As more books have been recently added to the list, and this makes for an impossibly long pull-down menu, we have arranged the books hierarchically by clustering what appears to us to be “secular-dominant” books, “sacred-dominant” books and “bridging the two-dominant” books. It is the latter that is most directly relevant to this site. But the former two are also needed for information and challenges to overcome in bridging the secular and the sacred. We feel it would be INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST to only look at the category that your already favor. That would be like looking at only Fox News, or MSCNN for your basic information. The whole purpose of this site is growth of understanding of both extremes to better inform the middle. There can be no bridge without firm anchoring into the edges on either side of the chasm. [133Sm’14]

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