The World as ONE: A Theory of Emergence

  • This is also a popular text that would attempt to show how a combination of the several conventional natural sciences and the several new systems sciences can provide evidence that the multitude of manifest entities in the world from the subatomic and quantum to the vast arrays of galaxies in the cosmos are all based on the same universal processes and patterns. The book would be based on a half century of research on the origins of all levels of reality from the big bang to ourselves and human civilizations to other self-aware entities. [94F/W’13]
  • We call this the “unbroken sequence of origins” and have been delivering lectures on it for at least 30 years. At the present this ONE sequence of origins and emergence includes >40 specific past Integration-Diversification cycles that resulted in 72 unique and new mass scalar levels of entities and/or particular classes of entities or domains of self-awareness. But they are presented as products of a single simple mechanism of several steps, a new Theory of Emergence.  We suggest that just as the Theory of Evolution was a single, powerful explanation of the origins of biological species (and presumably higher taxons), this Theory of Emergence explains origins or all entities, both physical and biological, tiny and massive, at all scales of the material. As such, while appearing immensely divers and complex, the universe is demonstrably ONE in form, function, development and dynamics. [144Sm’14]

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