What is the Sacred?

  • By sacred we refer to many systems that may be considered beyond the natural or focus on the possibility of the supernatural. This includes virtually all religions (e.g. the Abrahaminic three: Judaism, Catholics, Protestants; Islam; Zooastrianism; Ba’Hai, etc., non-theistic systems such as Buddhism and Taoism; Hindu, even highly theoretical and philosophical systems (such as Platonic) that do not base their tenets on reproducible evidence  ……. [18F/W’13]
  • However, for the purposes of this website we do not include in our coverage of sacred any of the following: witchcraft, astrology, ghosts, voodoo, magic ….[19F/W’13]
  • This presents a paradox at the onset because many current atheists hold that all of the above, including religions are merely superstitions without basis. From the Age of Enlightenment (ca. 1800’s) the approaches to life in both the first and second paragraphs were lumped together. Many religions, however, explicitly exclude the items of the second paragraph in their teachings. [20F/W’13]

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