A New Science?

  • One strategy we will explore as a potential bridge is the appearance of new types of science that have the canonical characteristics of conventional science, and so the Secular, but also have a unique added dimension that brings them closer to some of the characteristics of the Sacred. These new sciences are based on findings that are true across a much broader set of dimensions and domains or disciplines than the conventional sciences and so approach closer to the ideal of universals we will present as the basis for bridging the two separated domains in the future. [49F/W’13]
  • These new sciences include the systems-integrated natural sciences like studies of Complex Systems in Physics, aspects of Quantum Physics and Cosmology, Systems Biology, Earth Systems Science, Systems Chemistry, Systems Neuroscience, Systems Immunology, and certain aspects of the Brain-Consciousness sciences. We do not doubt that workers in most of these fields would be horrified at our interpretation of what they are producing, but nevertheless we will be as open and exploratory with them as we are with the rather rigid theologies of some of the Sacred domain. Which domain will prove the most rigid? [50F/W’13]

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