Evolution of God

  • Robert Wright gives us a cross-disciplinary synthesis of the origins and gradual development of mostly the Abrahaminic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). For the purposes of this website, the book focuses on the sacred. But it presents the sacred unconventionally as a gradually expanding history of the progress of human awareness of the sacred rather than a directly revealed sample of the supernatural. Because of this hybrid nature, it is hard for us to decide where to place it in our hierarchical clustering. Does his thesis that God has evolved over human evolution provide evidence that we have created God (as suggested in the Comings book) and so the supernatural does not exist? Or is it evidence that we have gradually improved our understanding of God and the supernatural as our individual intellects and collective intelligence have evolved greater capacity to understand what is revealed? For purely categorical purposes, we have placed it temporarily in the sacred-dominated  cluster because of its focus on so much of sacred history, although only its Christian segment. [78F/W’13]

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