Reinventing the Sacred

  • Stuart Kauffman’s book title of 200x seems directly focusd on the theme of this website. Kauffman may be considered a member of the secular team as he is a long-time scientist respected by scientists. But he is also a scientist that works in the new transdisciplinary field of complex systems that we feel is a possible source for bridging the secular and the sacred. This book of his explores that potential from a point of view quite independent of ours. The title itself reveals a slight bias. Why not reinvent the secular? Does it mean changing the sacred in ways that would be opposed by proponents of the sacred? To be honest, both ananthropic theology and anduranormism would be positing a sacred that also has aspects of reinventing the sacred for modern times. So reviewing this book will have to include how it relates to both those suggested bridges in this website. [79F/W’13]

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