• Here you will find descriptions of four books (in-progress) authored by the authors of this website. Please forgive us for using this site as a way to implement them as a “living book community.” All of these books are relevant to building bridges between the secular and the sacred although that is not their only raison d’etre. [88F/W’13]
  • What is a “living books” series and a “living book community?” These are self-published books that are also websites encouraging a community of interested people to contribute to the material of the book. We now routinely do this with presentations (e.g. TED series talks), our Facebook pages, books (Amazon and reader reviews), newspaper articles and editorials (often followed by a lengthy comments section). Just as the atomistic (individual) sections of this website are marked by a code so anyone can respond specifically to a very particular section, so also “living books” are coded and readers can respond at will to the sections of the book by entering their annotations in the website versions of the book. One of the differences with the above mentioned current uses of this technology is that instead of commenting on the whole of the work, one can add insights, extend data, challenge what is stated, link to other related info, and more. If used, this feature allows a book to become “alive” in real time bringing together a number of persons interested in the same particulars, enabling them to communicate with each other, reach consensus or not, in other words become a “living” community or super organization. It renders the book alive, but even more important the book can evolve. With the many additions the original book mutates and expands. Overall,  this feature merely recognizes the potential in the current revolution of how we get and use information. [143Sm’14]

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