This section contains selected very short essays and observations from participants in this community on a wide range of topics related to bridging the gap between the Secular and the Sacred. Of course, the word meditations immediately suggests the Sacred as might the alternative titles “insights,””discernment,” or “epiphany.” We could just as well use the word “observations” to immediately suggest the Secular. We have recently added the pull-down buttons on “Believer’s Corner,” “Skeptics Corner,” and “Philosopher’s Corner,” to give particular sections for the reader that might point to particular meditations, insights, discernments, observations that might better enhance those of particular worldviews or persuasions. The central point is under this section there will be specific topics to puzzle over and discuss possible advances in awareness on what causes the gap or how we might bridge the gap between the Secular and the Sacred.   [59F/W’13]

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