Ancient Wisdom: Modern Wisdom

  • Ancient Wisdom: Modern Wisdom compares the two to demonstrate that there is much similar between the two despite thousands of years of separation and the vast diversity of cultures they represent. The surprise of such similarity across diversity is most pleasing, but more importantly it is some indication of the accuracy and reliability of the observations and insights. This phrase, project and product captures the result of the aforementioned Search for Universals. [89F/W’13]
  • Of course, the crux of the matter is providing an adequate definition of wisdom. One of the authors this website entreated 40 years of his students, graduate and undergraduate, to find wisdom in their courses through comparison across all their courses rather than just memorize the facts of an individual course (while he still required that they memorize and understand the facts of each course). Wisdom is the highest good. Capturing its meaning and content is the challenge. Applying such wisdom to the immediate situation is an even greater challenge. So the initial sections of this book discuss historical and modern meanings for the word wisdom and what these tell us about each age of humanity, especially our own. [90F/W’13]

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