Misogyny & Religion

  • Why are there so many civilizations today with restrictions on the equal rights of women? Why do many of these restrictions derive from the dominant religions in that culture? Do the restrictions really derive from the fundamentals of whatever each religion teaches, or do they derive more from interpretations by a generally dominant male hierarchy? Do the restrictions derive primarily from the potential actions of the women, or do they derive from the inability of men to control themselves, or a little bit of both? [39F/W’13]
  • This dramatic difference between treatment and priority is not just true of the Christian religion, it is also true of Islam and Judaism. And this is not just a characteristic of all the Abrahaminic traditions because women are also placed in an inferior position in non-deity oriented Sacred traditions in the East (Buddhism, Hinduism). In those that do recognize a single, supreme deity, he is virtually always depicted as a male. This is nonsense. Do these religions really think that the supreme entity they recognize is stuck to sexual modes typical of this one earth?  [40F’14]
  • The record of historical abuse and misogyny in the Sacred is intellectually criticized by the Secular (while many political and even scientific organizations have versions of it in their modalities).  [41F/W’13]
  • This website recognizes men and women as completely equal, while different, and attributes the misogyny in both the Secular and the Sacred as one of the many cases of a human species only gradually evolving a higher consciousness, while stumbling miserably along the way. That the Sacred, which should be an immediate source of higher consciousness, has not been such a source and, in fact, has been one of the worst purveyors of misogyny indicates that the Sacred is heavily contaminated by the human component of the Sacred — a conclusion we will return to again and again. (126Sm’14)

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