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  • It is important to document the impact of this separation on human civilization in the past and the present. In the past consider this list of consequences of the separation of the Secular and the Sacred. (1) concentration of power in sacred hierarchies [30F/W’13]; (2) physical punishment of representatives of both domains by the other [31F/W’13]; (3) fusion or conflation of the political with the Sacred [32F/W’13];
  • There are several dimension or facets (see “facetism” later in this blog; some people call these “multiple perspectives”) that we should explore to measure past consequences. We will develop an initial taxonomy of these different perspectives because each yields a different picture of the consequences of the growing chasm between secular and sacred. Some of the initial “facets,” “perspectives,” or “features” we will use to characterize the separation are Origins, Distrust, Hatred, Violence, Lack of Realization of Potential Synergy. [120Sp’14]
  • As an initial example, one might look at when in the past each of the two domains originated. When did the sacred emerge in evolving tribes or human societies? When did the secular emerge? Do these emergence events give us any hint to the origin of the separation? That is, is the seed of the separation already present in the origin itself or does it appear later? The working hypothesis of this website is that both emerged simultaneously very close to the first emergence of human consciousness. The evidence of burial customs of primitive man have been interpreted to suggest even early humans conceived of an afterlife because they placed instruments, tools, jewelry and food in the graves with the deceased they buried. Careful and caring burial itself was an invention. But these early prototypes of the sacred also emerge as the species itself emerges in the material, physical world. Were the two inseparable at the origin if simultaneous? If so, why or when did the separation begin? [121Sp’14]
  • In the present consider this list of consequences of the separation: (1) erosion of values alleged by the sacred due to focus on the secular [33F/W’13]; (2) confusion on proofs or reliability [34F/W’13]; (3) ridicule of each domain by the other [35F/W’13]; (4) challenges and litigation using the justice system on the part of both against the other [36F/W’13];

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