Exploring the Metaphor

  • What characterizes a chasm and why do we use it to represent this cultural dilemma? We want to understand case studies of a widening separation between secular and sacred. The idea is to select the most rigorous cases; ones that are the epitome of creating or causing separation. [29F/W’13]
  • One can use the metaphor to characterize the two domains, secular and sacred because as far as hopes, goals, methods, or expectations the two are quite separate. Secular is often characterized as wanting to widen the chasm. Sacred wants to close the chasm but only on its terms. The many discrepancies and contradictions that the Secular points out in the teachings or behavior of those dedicated to the Sacred seem to be ignored or denied by them, while those in the Secular domain hold that they must be honest to their intellectual capabilities so these problems should not be ignored or denied. [118Sp’14]
  • This website seeks to admit both positions to consideration but provide some type of middle road or bridge that they can at least converse across without vilifying the other as is currently the case. It hopes to honestly expose and explore the challenges but most often will expose them as human misunderstanding or contamination of the central or more broadly conceived intent of the sacred. The deeper admission of the fallibility of human belief will be suggested as a bridge between the growing chasm. It also will expose some of the weaknesses of both approaches as indicative of the limitations of human nature that must be explicitly described. [119Sp’14]


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