• The goal of this site is to elicit the best of open-minded comments on how to bridge the growing gap between the Secular and the Sacred. This section exists to provide a concise summary of our synthesis, integration or unification of the best comments to date and of our own work to bridge the two domains. As in other sections, some initial thoughts are included to stimulate, perhaps provoke, responses and suggestions from readers. We call these initial statements “positions” because this is our current set of “conclusions” re: what a “bridge between secular and sacred” might look like from studying all of the above material. We call it “working” because we consider the task never done, never complete, never finished. We want it to remain open to change and open to all. Our studies of real systems to date indicate that all systems tend to have certain abstract structures and dynamics in common but then always tend to vary over long periods of time. It is their nature to produce a vast array of alternatives. They tend to fragment, diversify, explore all possibilities. That is why instead of preaching dogma, we preach heresy — to obey this specific universal about systems in general — that they increase variation with time. [82F/W’13]




  1. Dcn Jim Allgaier says:

    To bridge the gap between secular and sacred one can think about understanding and belief. Some people on the secular side would say that you must 1st understand completely before you can believe. The sacred side of the matter would state that we must 1st believe and then we come to the understanding.

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