Did Man Create God?

  • David Comings was a scientist for his entire life so is clearly a member of the secular team. But he was one who worked with many disadvantaged and suffering humans. So he combined, as so many medical workers do, a deep compassion for suffering humans and improving their quality of life with a rigorous use of the scientific method. His field was human genetics and he was Director of a Dept. for this at the City of Hope Medical Center in Duarte, California. He was elected President of the American Society for Human Genetics and was editor of its main journal — that may be a sign of the respect other scientists had for him and his membership in the secular domain. [80F/W’13]
  • Dr. Comings researched and published widely  in cell and molecular genetics but he also worked in the hospital clinic with adults and children suffering from a range of medical disorders, especially Tourettes Syndrome. One of the authors of this website knew him personally and their life paths crossed several times (Comings hired him as a lab assistant when he was struggling to create a CMB lab at California State Polytechnic University shortly after earning his Ph.D. and he was the primary mentor for the website author’s son for earning a M.S. degree in molecular genetics]. He is a quiet, deep, and very thoughtful scientist but also a very sensitive human being who cares about other humans. In his person, he combines the secular and the best of human values. [81F/W’13]
  • We are placing this 2007, self-published book in “bridges” because it argues for a “rationale spirituality” which recognizes the innate tendency for sacred in human biology while also citing considerable evidence that we invent the supernatural. This position is related to early “rationale mystic” writings of one of the authors of this website. We realize that these approaches combine the search for values characteristic of many humans with a bias toward staying within the realm of reality and the natural. To some this would be denying the supernatural and divinity of any kind. Recall that this site tries to enable communications and flow across the chasm. And these works facilitate that their focus on and respect for values that have the potential for improving human behavior. [137Sm14]

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