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  • This is the website containing much of the unpublished work of Albert G. Wilson, a very respected scientist-philosopher-mathematician. Al was a tall Brit with a well-maintained beard who my young sons used to call Obe wan Kenobe because of his natural mixture of wise and deep sayings and his obvious mysticism; he seemed to be the essence of a Jedi warrior/wise man. He was a dedicated scientist (earned his Ph.D. from Caltech under the legendary Fritz Zwicky; was the graduate student who produced the data proving the hierarchical structure of the cosmos; discovered five asteroids and 1 comet; named the Madonna galaxy; led the Palomar Sky Survey; was Director of Lowell Observatory; was founding Editor of Icarus; worked at the Rand Corporation; was Associate Director of the McDonnell-Douglas Advanced Research Laboratories; adjunct professor at USC, etc.) Yet he was also led a life of dedicated pursuit of wisdom comparing a vast range of philosophies and religions, respecting them all. There are many categories of information on this website that directly relate to the theme of this website. He was a tireless pursuer of both the Secular and the Sacred and their commonalities until his death in 2012 at 93 years of age. [96F/W’13]

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