On Origins

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  • Historically up to today, one of the most disputed areas between the Secular and the Sacred has to be Origins…….when origins happened and how they happened. For most of humanities past, there was so little science that only myth and religion had answers for how the material world came into being. Philosophy was interested in ontology (study of being) from the first and even the most primitive societies had stories about how their people and the things surrounding them came to be. It was not until the 18th Century that science began to accumulate sufficient data to challenge the myths and religious beliefs. But ever since that time, the Secular has challenged the teachings of the Sacred as well as its authority to speak about such matters. [165Sm’14]
  • At the current time, polls show that despite all of the science taught in schools from the earliest grades up through college and post-graduate studies, most of Americans still do not 
  • In this section we intend to summarize the consistent evidence from several sciences (biology, geology, astronomy, physics, chemistry) that supports the  modern, materialist concepts of origins and contrast that with the specific teachings of the Sacred. We will ignore the myths from ancient cultures except to cite the several cases where something in their abstract mythology captures a process that 

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