Entries are presented in very short, bulleted paragraphs because these are easier to read and reduce the complexity into many hierarchically-organized parts with a code for each entry. This “atomistic” approach allows others to join the discussion by creating streams of comments descending from any one entry. In some cases, several related bulleted entries might be collected by one code because of the similarities of the collected paragraphs. We propose initiating discussion in each section with a series of Socratic-like comments between the website co-authors, then opening this up as a multilogue. For the multilogue portion, there will be a blog attached to each section. Here are some basic guidelines for accepting atom-like responses & contributions to this multilogue.  [8F/W’13]

  • Comment must be in direct reference to topic and current coverage.   [9F/W’13]
  • Comment must be attributed (minimum, name, location or affiliation, & email). [10F/W’13]
  • Comment must be in the spirit of the website (that is open, not dogmatic, or extreme). [11F/W’13]
  • Comment must be a unit or atomistic contribution like the coded paragraph it responds to; that is, only one idea should be in each submission so that if joined to the previous comments it will continue coverage of that topic and not diverge to other topics. [124Sm’14]
  • Comments as much as possible should be supported by evidence or citation of source. [12F/W’13]
  • Comments will be approved by organizers at first and later by designated admin’s per section; admin’s will be taken from frequent commentators.  [13F/W’13]
  • Comments may be questions. The questions are as important as the answers and in the case of this website, we seek insights and do not aspire to ANSWERS, a term that suggests a finality we are not seeking. [14F/W’13]
  • The fundamental purpose of the dialogues/multilogues is as a means or journey to arrive at more understanding, not the ultimate truth.  [15F/W’13]

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